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Modern-Day Laundry Equipment Combined - Old Fashioned Customer Service

High Mark Manufacturing provides modern, innovative, quality products designed, built and delivered with old fashioned customer service to the laundry industry


At High Mark, this is what we do and what we have always done, so we understand both the needs of laundry facilities and the internal workings of the equipment. We provide an expert product designed by insiders who are familiar with the laundry business, saving you time and money.

Whether you are in need of service centers (bulkheads), drain troughs or laundry facility furniture, you’ll find our products the most advanced in the industry. We don’t build the equipment found in your grandmother’s laundromat; instead, we’ve incorporated features that simplify installation, make it easier to maintain and service your machines, and will stand the test of time.

Some folks may consider it old school, but we believe that if you give us a call, you deserve to talk to a person. And if you have to leave a message, we’ll return your call. With High Mark, a handshake seals the deal long before the papers are signed, and when we give you our word, we keep it. If you have any problem with the product you purchased from us, we’ll fix it. If you have any questions, we'll answer them. And if you need something a little "outside the box", we'll help you design it.

High Mark Manufacturing – raising the bar for laundry facility equipment.


High Mark Manufacturing, Inc. High Mark Manufacturing, Inc. High Mark Manufacturing, Inc.